Handy Hubby™ Pricing Policy -
Our pricing policy is uncomplicated and transparent.

We do not charge for quotes. However, we will only provide quotes for jobs that are longer than one day's work.

Quoted works may be subject to deposits.

For jobs exceeding three hours, we will always strive to give an estimate before commencing the work.

We will not charge for more than one hour when collecting materials, unless agreed with the customer.

There is a minimum charge of one hour on all jobs and hourly rates are applied per hour or part thereof.

Payment must be made in full by electronic fund transfer, guaranteed cheque or cash upon presentation of invoice.

These rates cover repair work - prices for improvements, renovations and alterations will be subject to quotation.
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HANDY HUBBY™ Contacts-
Contact HANDY HUBBY™ for a broad range of handy services.
Email: info@handyhubby.co.za
Telephone :
021 712-2715
Fax : 021 712-2743
Physical Address : 5 Windsor Avenue, Diepriver, 7800
Postal Address : PO Box 31414 Tokai 7966
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